Take care my friends and stay in this world one more day, you are loved and you are wanted

I met someone yesterday. A complete stranger. As he started to share his story he seemed to be at war with the emotions bubbling inside. I could see them surfacing as he tried to hold back. This got my attention. He shared with me that he needed a bus fair. He didn’t ask for food, although he had not eaten in three days. He simply asked for a few dollars for bus fair to get to the nearest homeless shelter. His appearance, I barely noticed before, started to tell the rest of his story. His hands looked weathered and dirty, his umbrella wasn’t much better, and his clothes and shoes were soaking wet. The umbrella he held tightly to was his only possession. He shared with me how he slept by the train tracks. He has no home, his daughter was hit by a car and passed away, he just went through a divorce, his truck and tools were stolen, and lost his grandmother. This all happened in the last six months. He sobbed by the side of the road. He could no longer hold in the emotions that ran so deep, and through telling a stranger it was as if he had a realization of just how difficult his journey really had been. This man was broken. His eyes no longer searching for hope, instead looked defeated and afraid. As I talked to him and learned more of his story, he shared with me how the past few days he felt very much like jumping in front of the train that ran across the tracks by his sleeping quarters. He was on the brink of leaving this world. I knew God sent me to him. I knew it as soon as I saw his grief. There are very few moments in ones life, especially in the US, that one can see poverty, pain, and grief to this degree. When you see it, you won’t ever forget it. Today I pray for this man, that God would use our encounter to show him his love, and that God would show up in his life so he knows he is loved by the creator of the universe. I know his story already impacted at least one person, myself, but I’m sure many more in the years to come. The perspective God showed me through his story was beautiful. You never know what someone’s story is, and how much pain others are going through. To see life through this lens, makes all my struggles seem pale in comparison. His story will reach many people and touch others lives. It matters, he matters, you matter! If you are struggling today with any burdens of this life, or are struggling with thoughts of suicide, this message is for you strait from God. These are not my words, these are not my inspirations. It’s God! He wants you to know, he sees all of your pain, every single ounce. He knows every piece of your broken heart, and just as I told this man, he wants you to know you have a very important purpose in this world! Everyone has a role and a purpose, and if you let him, God will use the pain that you have gone through and are going through to create the most beautiful masterpiece that will not only help you, and heal you, but help many other people. You just have to ask! Take care my friends and stay in this world one more day, you are loved and you are wanted.

Gwyn Mais

There is a reason for everything, God bless you and keep him in prayers, God works in mysterious ways.

Helen Maggotte

There is so much suffering now even as I walk around suburbia I notice so many troubled people, lonely people just fading away in their homes. Lord please help them.

Jaynee Peyton Lander

Absolutely beautiful, 100% Divine Intervention. GOD put you in this man’s path, so you could show him Mercy and to testify. GOD also put that man in your path, to remind us to always stay humble, to be kind, to love others. He’ll be in my , and GOD Bless you.

Donnell Nielsen

Sólrun Jacobsen

Thanks again may the Lord bless you all in Jesus name amen

Lindo Magule

So Did YOU do anything for him?? Like give him clean clothes a new umbrella A MEAL???

Susie Hampton

Absolutely amazing

Belinda Nabanda