Tell me about Peter's death

Tell me about Peter's death

Peter was arrested in Rome. He was tortured in prison. However, he remained steadfast and faith in the Lord Jesus did not change. He was sentenced to death. On the very day of October 13, AD 64, that is, after Jesus was crucified and rose again after thirty-four years of resurrection, his great disciple, Peter, was also crucified and crucified On the cross, this is also Peter’s own request to the executioners, who said, “I am not worthy of martyrdom in the same way as my Lord Jesus Christ.” The executioners asked Peter why they did this because they crucified It would be even more painful for Peter to say in awe, “I will look up to the glory of heaven.” The executioners agreed to Peter’s request and crucified him on the cross. Peter was martyred in such a way that he, as a disciple of Jesus, had a firm faith in the Lord Jesus because he knew that the glorious kingdom was his future destiny, and he prayed that he would have seen the heaven above that nine-day sky earlier . If he was nailed to the cross, his head will be pulled down, the eyes can only see the ground, but can not see the sky, but if he was crucified upside down on the cross, he can still see the sky.

Tell me more about Peter’s death.

I would love to know your source, @Salvador
I have always wondered where the stories about the various Apostle’s martyrdom come from.

Peter died for the main road. He was crucified and he believed that it was unworthy to be crucified like the Lord, and he was crucified to death on the cross.