Tell us your biggest fear?

I believe each one of us has our own hidden fear. We’re not perfect and we are not that dumb to don’t feel anything. My biggest fear is when time comes that God will end this life or soul inside my body. I have love ones that would worry if I leave them without saying anything. No one knows when the right time is coming for you.

My biggest fear would be accidentally or absentmindedly allow someone to hurt me and ruin me. Because I have been there before, and I kind of blamed myself for just letting it happen. So I don;t know I always blame myself for a lot of things. I feel like the reason why I get hurt is because I let people do that to me.

My biggest fear so far or as of this moment is to be a jobless person. Because i know that many people right now lose their Job because of this pandemic (Let us pray for them also). Im one of the source in financially in this family so i think i will be frustrated when my job will be gone. But i know and we know that God has a plan for us. Just Believe in him. Amen Lord.

@kianna Know your worth my friend. Life is a choice.

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Hello there, @arrol! Thank you so so much! :blush: It has been quite hard for me to change this mindset since I have been like this for years, but it is never too late to try. God bless you!

Hi @zayn22 if I were to answer that question 2 months ago, my answer would be to loose my family. But now after being locked down for more than 2 months I’ve realized that my greatest fear is to be away from God’s protection. I’ve learned that we should plea for Jesus’ blood on a daily basis, it is for protection, for covering us from any attacks our enemy might plot against us. Because I realized that without God’s protection then all our earthly fears, whatever it may be, can happen.

Hello, sir @IamRichardJohn. This pandemic has really changed our perspective in life. We need the Lord God more than ever. God bless you sir and stay safe!

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The very sad thing that can tear me apart is losing my parents. It’s my biggest fear my whole life. I know all of us will die someday. But when I think of it, I cant help but cry and wanted to hug them so tight and tell them how much I love them. They are getting old and their bodies are getting weaker. I wish i can just go home to them and take care of them forever but I need to make a living. I need to work far away from them. They always supported me in whatever I do. And I really owe them who and where I am right now. They always push me to chase after my dreams and to pursue whatever I desire. But there are times, that I wish I am forever a kid so they will stay young and we will never grow old. But life means moving forward, and so are we. I just hope that one day, my parents will be proud of me. :slight_smile: