Texas pregnancy center celebrates saving 90,000 babies from abortion

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A Texas pregnancy center is celebrating the lives of 90,000 children who’ve been saved from abortion in its first 30 years of operation.

Leanne Jamieson, the executive director of Prestonwood Pregnancy Center, which has multiple locations in Dallas and surrounding suburbs, appeared on CBN News’ “The Prayer Link” program Tuesday, where she said the organization had a “divine appointment” to save as many lives as possible by convincing women to choose life.

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Another group, that works across America is preborn.org
I like to give a little to them now and then if I get unexpected money.

One sonogram (ultrasound) given to a pregnant woman thinking about getting an abortion costs $28.00 USD.

From their own reports, 80% of the women thinking about getting an abortion who get a sonogram (ultrasound) change their minds and KEEP THEIR CHILD!
This is a great batting average.