Thank you GOD for never giving up on me!


I thank God for never give up on me. For giving me reasons to cope up my obstacles last night. I was very worried last night and overthinking to much until migraine splitted on my brain. My faith become weak but with the help of God, I surpassed it. If you lost your confidence, lean on God for He forsake for us.

This is what’s amazing with our God, no matter what we’ve done, no matter what we’ve become, His grace is so patient that He will is willing to step back and wait for us. Like the song reckless love, His love and grace is so reckless that He is willing to risk everything for the sake of one soul. That’s how our God works, never giving up on His people whom He dearly love.

@Jenny in all the things i made each day , i really thank God for not giving up on me. all my sins are wash away He treated me as his daughter despite of the things i made against him. Just what like the song of kathy trocolli Stubborn love

“It’s your stubborn love that never lets go of me
I don’t understand how you can stay
Perfect love embracing the worst in me
How I long for your stubborn love”

Nothing is indeed impossible with God! God has been there even before we were born. He molded us with His own image and likeness. He cares for us and he wants us to succeed in life. He wants us to become like Jesus Christ. He will never give up on us. Let us thank Him for all the blessings He showers us with everyday. Let us act like Christ and spread His good news!

Dear Loving and Compassionate God,

Giver of all gifts, Thank you for never giving up on me.
we pray especially today for the mercy and love You give us.
Open our hearts and minds to You.
Give us the grace to accept your mercy.
As we live each day, we pray for those less fortunate,
especially those who are hurting, and whose wounds need to be healed
Help us become involved in ways that show them how deeply we care.
.Give us the personal courage to listen to their concerns
and help them find the solutions to which they are
as Your children and our brothers and sisters.


Source Catholic Prayer.

Thumbs up @Jenny… God really never abandoned us because he is a God of grace and mercy and that he loves us that much…If you are going through a low spot in your life lately, I hope that knowing how much God loves you will encourage you today. God’s plans are for your good and His glor…just always remeber Jeremiah 29:11 :blush:

Hello @Jenny Yes indeed! God will never abandoned us God loves us all. He loves us when we are sad, happy, frustrated, angry, positive and full of hope. What He wants for us is our faith in Him and His power to provide for us. God doesn’t expect us to have it all together, He simply expects us to trust that He does.

God has not given up nor will He ever give up on you. The moment you take a step toward Him, you will find Him running toward you to embrace you. And when you enjoy His love and grace toward you, you will find yourself not just in a place of safety and provision (like the prodigal son), but like Samson, your strength and purpose in life will return!

Yes! Thank you God! I have sinned numerous times, yet You chose to love me and look at my good side. You chose to stay patient with me at times when I could not even stay patient for myself. My life has been like a roller coaster, I almost gave up but You helped me. Thank you for not giving up on me Lord God.