Thank you Lord for another day upon the earth

Thank you Lord for another day upon the earth, for your eternal love, for the breath in my lungs and spirit in my body.

Every day I wake up on earth is truly a gift from your abundant love and faithfulness.
I thank you for the beauty and wonder of the universe, everything from the flowers to the stars testify to your wisdom.

So far beyond human understanding, mere human wisdom is foolishness compared to yours.
Lord I thank you that you have provided me with everything to overcome this world. That your Spirit guides me from the inside and you bless me from the outside, protecting me from evil both seen and unseen.

As I focus on faith sowing and reaping love, positivity and generosity. Lord I pray we focus on faith, protecting our minds from the manipulation of the enemy. Never focusing on fear as we put our hope in you Lord. Remembering no matter how big our problems are in life, you are bigger then our problems

Lord. I pray you give us the strength Lord to break every chain keeping us down in life. So we may run in faith and not grow weary, bringing glory to your name through our actions and speech. In Jesus name Amen…

Deano Burton-Hooper