Thank You Lord for Not Giving Up on Me

Quote by: Minister Lucy Morilla

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God will never leave us nor forsake us. He doesn’t leave us to our own defenses or understanding. He is our defender. His understanding no one can fathom, and yet it’s as reliable as the rising and setting of the sun. If we were to judge God based on what we can or won’t do in our own capabilities, we would come to the conclusion that we can’t rely on Him, because we’re the ones who aren’t very dependable most of the time. However, God isn’t like us, and we can’t make Him out to be. We can’t determine what He would do based on what we would do. His faithfulness is what enables our wretched, sinful heart to enter into relationship with Him. He is faithful to receive our repentant hearts.

God is indeed good! Thank you so much Lord for not giving up on me even though I have given up numerous times. Thank you for understanding me, thank you for the patience, thank you for the immeasurable love. I am more than blessed for having You as my Lord and Savior.