The blood ""speaks better things than that of Abel" means?

“What does the Scripture mean in Hebrews
12:24 when it says that the blood ““speaks
better things than that of Abel””?”

it is an amazing question which reveals the glory of God
its very normal that if some one hurt us then to praying to God to take revenge and destroy them but its amazing if someone prays that Father forgive them… that is what happening here…Abel blood crying out to the Lord to take revenge but the blood of Jesus cry for forgiveness…that is Jesus who revealed the complete glory of God

the blood of Jesus, it “speaks better things” than that of Abel. Abel’s blood cried out, “Vengeance! Vengeance!” after his brother Cain murdered him (see Genesis 4:8–11). But Jesus’ blood cries out forgiveness for our sins, healing for our bodies, and peace and soundness for our minds. It cries out protection for our coming-ins and going-outs, good success for the works of our hands, the righteousness of Christ as our acceptance before God and much more!

Jesus blood speaks forgiveness of his enemies while Abel’s blood speaks to take revenge toward who killed him

that speaketh better things than that of Abel;
either “than Abel”, as the Vulgate Latin, and Syriac versions render it, who being dead, yet speaks; and who was a type of Christ in his death, and the punishment of it; for as he was slain by his own brother, who was punished for it, so Christ was put to death by his own nation and people, the Jews, for which wrath is come upon them to the uttermost: but the efficacy of Christ’s blood for the procuring pardon, peace, reconciliation, and the redemption and purchase of his church and people, shows him to be greater than Abel; and it speaks better things than he did, or does: or else, “than the blood of Abel”, as the Arabic version renders it; Abel’s blood cried for vengeance; Christ’s blood cries for peace and pardon, both in the court of heaven, where it is pleaded by Christ, and in the court of conscience, where it is sprinkled by his spirit: or than the sprinkling of the blood of Abel’s sacrifice, or than Abel’s sacrifice; which was the first blood that was sprinkled in that way, and the first sacrifice mentioned that was offered up by faith, and was typical of Christ’s; but then Christ’s sacrifice itself is better than that; and the sprinkling of his blood, to which believers may continually apply for their justification, remission, and purgation, and by which they have entrance into the holiest of all, is of greater efficacy than the sprinkling of blood in Abel’s sacrifice; and calls for and procures better things than that did; which sense may the rather be chosen, since the apostle’s view, in this epistle, is to show the superior excellency of Christ’s sacrifice to all others, even to the more excellent of them, as Abel’s was, ( Hebrews 11:4 ) .