The Cross Is Being Removed From in China

The Cross Is Being Removed From A Newly Built Church In Linfen

The Cross Is Being Taken Off The Grace Church In Luobei County

No matter how many crosses they will remove, it doesn’t really change the faith of God’s believers. Our faith is already rooted deep into our hearts. So no matter how many non-believers remove the cross, it is just a physical structure that symbolizes God: it doesn’t mean that once it was removed our faith will be gone too, NO!

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That’s kinda cruel. I believe we live in a world with cruelity and violence. People who decided to remove this cross have no respects to everyone’s belief and tradition. We must keep in peace but no matter what, God is only our priority. They may remove that cross but never our God and our beliefs for him. Continue to serve him and worship him.

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Hello, dear @Jimmy_Ka
This is very disrespectful, we live in a world where everybody ask and wants respect but then don’t do the same for the others. It’s an injustice and illogical thing to do, especially in China where they practice buddhism, where the karma is one of their doctrines. By their own standards they will receive the same.
We as Christians respect and let people decide what they want to do, why there’s so many religion that try to go against Christianity, it’s the true after all, and it’s people’s decision to follow it.
I just can’t understand this hate.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

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Yep :frowning: I agree with you @Luis_Ruiz. People beg for respect but cannot do it to others. I pray they let go of the hate in their hearts. May they learn to respect other people’s beliefs and religion. May God bless them, guide them, and enlighten them.