The Devil is a liar

The Devil is a liar…how is it that we as Christians we find ourselves more scared of the Devil then we are of our lord and savior Jesus Christ…
remember people the enemy has already been defeated…evil people will make evil plans,but you need to remember there is no weapon formed against you that will prosper…that’s a promise from our God to us…I don’t know about you but the God I serve,is the mighty one that has already conquered death hell and the grave…God bless you all…

Mike Busler

Amen in Jesus name

Eric Miller

Praise the Lord He Is always there to catch us when we fall.

Billy McCullagh

No Christian should be afraid of the devil! Know your identity in christ! If you received the Holy Spirit you are anointed and the devil is afraid of you because you are OWN BY THE LORD JESUS!

Caridad B. Monroe