The Father sits on the Bench. Satan is the Prosecutor. Jesus is the Defense Attorney

Food for Thought: Man wrote the Bible and Judgement

Was laying in bed early this morning watching God’s handiwork in creating a light show as lightning flashed across the sky and thought of these two topics and they just melded together.

I hear many times from people that the Bible was written by man. I tell them no, it is the inspired word of God. It goes a little something like this.

In a court, we have a Judge, Prosecutor, Defense Attorney, Defendant and various witnesses. They all have their time to speak. But it is the Court Stenographer that records everything for record. So it is with the Bible, men were used as the Stenographer, they simply wrote down what was said. It is a simple explanation but the principle is the same.

Now keep the same situation in the Court when we try to explain Judgement. The Father sits on the Bench. Satan is the Prosecutor. Jesus is the Defense Attorney.

The Father tells Satan to call his first case. He calls the person up and lists all of their sins and transgressions throughout their life. The Father looks to the Defendant and asks for a plea. The Defendant pleads guilty. The Father looks to the Defense Attorney. Jesus agrees with the plea, then adds, Father, you sent me to die for the forgiveness of sin, and promised everyone who called on me, confessed their sins and believed in their heart in my resurrection, that they should not die but have eternal life. On such and such a date, the Defendant called on me for forgiveness and followed me and was ‘born again’ of the Spirit. The Father tells the Defendant that he has gained his salvation and tells him to enter into eternal life.

Next case. Satan again lists all of the sins and transgressions of the accused. The Father asks the accused how he pleads. He cannot deny what has been laid out before him. He has no Defense Attorney and pleads with the Father, explaining that he did not know how to get forgiveness. The Father, who knows everything, tells the Defendant, that on the following dates, this person and that person tried to inform you. You mocked them, you mocked my Son and you mocked Me. The Judgement of guilty is rendered and the Defendant is turned over to Satan.

Our works of trying to get people to accept the promise of salvation do not go unnoticed. They are remembered for time eternity.

This might be a simplification, but even the Lord, our Savior, used simple things to explain complex matters of heaven.

God Bless you and may his grace shine upon you.

I agree! Just because it was not the judge, attorney, etc who wrote it, it does not mean what is written is false.

Our Lord God is a loving God but He is also a God of justice. He treats us all fairly. Our actions have consequences in the end. Our faith in Him will save us, this shows who the true followers of Christ are, and who believes in His word and in Him.