The good news of the kingdom of God is being preached, and everyone is forcing their way into it

Often people fall from the faith when they find hardships and challenges in life. The Bible never said we was gonna have a easy life. Paul and the apostles lives are the greatest examples of this.

All but one John are thought to have died from execution due to their faith, providing further examples of loving sacrifice. History don’t remember them for just these challenges. History remembers them for their faith in the face of these challenges. Then due to their great faith they have been exulted and recorded forever in the word of God.

Jesus even said if anyone wishes to follow him to pick up their crosses. Why? because faith requires endurance and sacrifice. We will face many hardships and challenges in life. Especially from the devil as we get closer to God’s will for our lives.

However we must never allow these things to plant seeds of fear in our mind. God works through those filled with faith. Not through those filled with fear and doubt. He’s looking for us to rely on his power in complete faith, humbling ourselves before him. Then he will take us in the palm of his hand, protecting us from evil both seen and unseen. Directing our paths to safety and strengthening us to overcome every situation .

Deano Burton-Hooper