The Grave Misunderstanding of Biblical Repentance

The Grave Misunderstanding of Biblical Repentance
In the New Testament, repent is the Greek word metanoia. Metanoia literally means “to change the mind.” In Scripture as a whole, repentance never means “turning away from sin”. It is actually a “change of mind” about trying to maintain a righteousness yourself and realize you need to rely on Christ. Rest in His completed work for your salvation. Thinking you can lose your life when He already paid the price for your life means you don’t believe in what He came to do for you and that means you are not saved. He did it all. Once His, you cannot repossess what is God’s. You are not your own, you were bought with a price.
Metanoia is a transformative change in the way you think, which changes everything. Its what happens when you realize it’s no longer about performance, but about faith in the Anointed and perfect offering of Christ. Metanoia is what happens when you realize you’ve been wrong this whole time and headed in the wrong direction. You suddenly realize you can be covered by God’s grace. It is a change of thinking and change of heart that ultimately leads to living a life of honor and praise because of the incredible Love and Truth of Christ. We are saved not because of anything we do, but because He came down to pay what is due us by a once and for all time sacrifice to claim us as His own.
Repentance and faith go together. That doesn’t mean we have to stop sinning before we are saved in order to be saved, nor does it mean that our faith means we even can completely stop sinning. That was never the point or meaning of the original words. It’s the repentance (fundamental change of mind) that causes a coming to true belief by faith. By placing your faith in Christ alone, you are repenting of the way you were headed from your old way of thinking.
It is painful when you realize you are still going to be sentenced to the lake of fire for eternity because you still haven’t trusted completely in what Christ offers you freely. This realization causes repentance. All our efforts, or works, will not earn or even keep us a spot in Heaven. Only faith by metanoia in what God has done, because He so loves us. This transforms our whole view on Life and results in good works through Him. Metanoia leads to Life metamorphosis. So repent; yes, have faith in the Truth!
Rest In Peace

Honeybee Chasteen

Very grateful and thankful God lead me to a church and a prepared Pastor who rightly divides God’s Word comparing scripture with scripture and teaches and preaches Bible doctrine.He has explained metanoia numerous times.

Kim Guerra LaManna

It refers to a change of mind, not behavior. Behavior will automatically adjust when the mind changes to such a transformative belief with faith. The Holy Spirit makes you that metamorphic new creation.

Honeybee Chasteen

You are absolutely correct, it should be taught in every church but sadly it is not.

John Colchester