The lesson i learnt is, if I keep my faith and never let it slip, good things will come

Hi all,
I’d like to share my experience. I insisted on marrying in a Catholic church to respect the beliefs of my wife’s family. It was a wonderful ceremony and I’m glad we made it our venue. Ever since then, whenever I was tempted to do the wrong thing, I have felt this…. Overwhelming feeling of pressure weighing down on me. Like, if i did the wrong thing, it would haunt me forever, regardless of the scale or nature of the act.
In november last year, my wife’s water broke without going into labour. For seven weeks we were in emergency hospital accommodation. It was touch and go the whole time. I never lost faith however. When our beautiful baby girl was born, she had to be resuscitated at only 3 minutes old. As i was being pushed aside by the medical staff to get to her, I still did not let it break my faith. She pulled through!
Now, roughly 7 and a half months after she was born, we are all happy and healthy and loving life.
The lesson i learnt is, if I keep my faith and never let it slip, good things will come.

Jason Bryan

Awesome, thanks for sharing. Please also remember that in all situations we mustn’t lose our faith. When our son died we didn’t lose faith, we knew that the very one who knitted him so perfectly in the womb, is also the one who has taken him back until the day we will be United again in paradise

Robyn Freeman

This is it. This is exactly the reason I came to this group and a couple of others like it. To hear the testimonies of faith, devotion and God’s hands in our lives!Amen brother

Mike Studd

Thank you for sharing!

Georgia Hilton

God is faithful!!

Lisa Gatti

Please, don’t accept Catholicism, because they have many false extra Biblical beliefs. I am an ex RC, and God lead me out of the RCC. I’m not questioning your love for Jesus, and I am very happy your baby is well.

Laura Laura


Pauline Williams


Ricky Cantu