The Miracle Story Of Easton River Ramjohn

When my wife’s water broke at 19 weeks last year doctors advised us it would be best to get an abortion because our son Easton would be crippled if he survived and my wife can die from infection and handed her a list of nearby abortion clinics.

My wife said no and ripped up the paper and trusted God despite the outcome and laid on her back for 65 days in the hospital on bedrest listening to his heartbeat through monitors until he was born at 27 weeks at 2lbs then 4 months in the NICU. With NO fluid in her womb God and a great team of nurses and physicians helped saved our son and my wife!! He is now 1!!

Dont lose hope when hope seems lost. 8 months in the hospital was extremely difficult and exhausting, we lost our jobs, and almost everything we had but we walked away with the greatest gift of all, the gift of a child. If you’re going through a storm just know that God is with you, and is always faithful. Don’t lose hope. He will make a way!

This post can be verified on Easton’s you tube channel called “Easton’s World “where you will see his video of his birth, NICU journey and my wife in the hospital m. Its called “The Miracle Story Of Easton River Ramjohn”


Hello there miracle baby Easton. You are a living testimony of God’s goodness and that a good example for people who are losing hope too. I once lost hope in life wayback years ago. And I know I’m not alone in the “loss of hope” scenario because many of us lose hope from time to time.

So what should one do to avoid losing hope? We have to reassess the situation and plan for a solution, let us harbor gratitude and appreciate our life on a far greater level, be honest with yourself and expect less to avoid frustrations, look to others for support and lastly have a little faith.

Thoughts to ponder: “Sometimes, the sea can be choppy, but one thing to keep in mind is that, whatever it is you’re going through, others have gone through it before you”. Have a hope as Easton’s parents and Easton have. God bless everyone!

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Its a great story, his smile is so adorable.
God will challenge you even in your darkness time. Sometimes you will give up, but He wants you to be stronger. Just believe in him. God will give us a miracle that even science won’t explain what happen thats the love of our God he will make the impossible be possible.

Hello, dear @faithpixel
I love this!! You can see the will and power of God in helping that family to fight and won this situation for Easton. It’s truly heartwarming!! Faith is so powerful, I know sometimes it can be a bad advice to not follow your doctor’s advice, but if you truly believe and have God by your side everything is possible! This boy will grow to be a good and awesome man, I’m sure of it.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

Hi baby Easton! I worked in NICU for a year. I’ve seen that there is only 10% chance that babies survive in 27 weeks. You are a miracle! “Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.” Psalm 37:5 I honor your parents for their unwavering trust in God. Sometimes we find it difficult to give our 100% trust in Him, but we have to have faith and surrender everything to God. He hears more than what we ask. Thank you for being an inspiration for all of us.

Thank you for this post, praise God for the life of our miracle baby Easton. Indeed God is really faithful to those who put their trust in Him. I really needed this incredible life story to push me not to give up. My family and I are in a stage right now that we are not sure of what tomorrow might brig us.

We opted to leave our jobs for our kids. We prayed for it before making the final decision and now there are some regrets. We are currently having financial problems, even having difficulties of buying the necessities of life. But we are complete, we are together, we can bond as a family and it is one of the greatest thing in life. I thought our situation was really bad and impossible but after reading this story, it is not even close when compared. Stories like this are important to us Christians, it’s like food supplement for our life with Christ.

Wow God is good all the time and he never leave us He is always there for us who trust in Him Thank God for the life of our baby easton its a wonderful testimony to other expiriencing it that they must trust God and give all to Him because God is always listen to all our prayers.

Another living testimony of God’s greatness! Such respect to the parents who fought for their baby despite what the doctors said. No one except God can explain this miracle! Trust his ways and plans! God is greater than our struggles! :yellow_heart: Currently watching their videos on Youtube, Baby Easton is soooo cute!

Indeed miracle do exist. God always give miracles to mankind, I thank God for the miracle he gave to this child. I know he’s awesome God, so I am proud to tell that he is our father.