The Modern American Church is shriveling and dying, and this will only happen faster as the oldest among us pass away

The Modern American Church is shriveling and dying, and this will only happen faster as the oldest among us pass away, in part because our
insist on doing things the way they have always been done. They are virtually all trained at Seminaries using the same methods, even if they do have different doctrines, and then bring that into the local
. And then we end up doing the same thing over and over again.
Two problems. One, those methods went out of style two hundred years ago. Two, none of those methods relies on trusting in the
in the way the First Believers did.
I have always been someone who thinks “outside the box” as we said in business. I guess in part because I did not grow up in the “church” and did not come to know Christ until I was 15 and in part because I allowed
to teach and train me long before I underwent training by one of these denominational seminaries. I look to see what was done in the Book of the Acts of the
and where the Holy Spirit is leading long before I look to what a Denomination told me I am supposed to do in
The only way we are going to survive and begin to grow is for pastors to do likewise. Otherwise, we will remain a country club that is slowly dying off. Which do you want to be a part of?
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, to be more like the Believers in the Book of the Acts of the Apostles.

James Carter

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So, the older people, the golden generation, who lived more by the word than we do nowadays, are responsible for American faith dying off? Not the "modern pastors inclination to try to fit (God) into the culture? And you ALLOWED God to…I hope you arent planning to become a pastor, my good man. Bring back the old pastors who preached the call for repentence.

Mrigesh Robles de Medina

I usually avoid spending a lot of time with Christians, as many have embraced a very toxic blend of themes (backstabbing, deception, greed, arrogance, manipulation, and so forth. Churches, in many cases, are rotting away from within.

Don Hinsz

“The only way to survive is for pastors to grow” lol poppycock.The statistics show the decline in the church from new generations is from the perceived bigotry, hate and intolerance of the masses.The church nowadays wants to blame everything on the pastors but they don’t look at themselves. We live in a world of trending acceptance yet the younger generation see older Christians hanging on to the hate speech. They tell homosexuals they will burn, they all stand behind that so strongly and it’s quite ludicrous.They said the same about minorities.They said the same about indigenous peoples.The Bible was used and perceived to justify slavery for hundreds of years.The masses are repeating the same mistake here except this time there are cameras for the world to see. If you want the church to survive you need to be accepting of all people and stop judging others.It isn’t the pastors, it is the masses and their interpretations that are shooting themselves in the foot. Remove your bias and you will see the statistical reasons are correct

Michael Romasanta

Pastors don’t stip going to seminary if you’re able. Thank God we had a Paul who sat at the feet of Gamaliel (probably misspelled) who commended the Bereans for the study of the word. A Paul who staunchly told Timothy to study.I hate the anti-intellectual attitude some have toward intellectual pursuits of God’s word. It’s sickening

Varinia Ginn

How foolish to say that the church built on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is dying. As if it would even be possible. Shame on you.

Sam Piazza

You’re pretty spot on. And the pastors and priest are not screaming from the pulpit about what’s going on all around us. But then I realized my voice is not screaming enough either.

Regina L Edwards

I am very thankful, grateful and blessed that the Lord lead me to a doctrinally sound church with a prepared Pastor in the pulpit who rightly divides God’s Word categorically comparing scripture with scripture.

Kim Guerra LaManna

Nope. It’s not the preachers fault. The world doesn’t want REAL truth. You can win them to Jesus by lying

Sara Bishop-johnson Cotton

He’ll yus my noggy

Joey Sprague

the real church is growing who are filled and led by the holy spirit and leaders are God’s servants

Robert Tapley

Many evangelical churches are growing, but many of the old mainline churches are shrinking. Many people today that go to church today are seriously seeking God.

Bryan Nelson