The more your trust GOD. The more He amazes you!

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Hello, dear @Jenny
I agree with you! God has his own ways of gifting us constantly, we may not understand it sometimes but tristing in him, he will surprise us in the least expected moment. That’s what makes him so awesome… He understand and knows us in a way even unknow to us!
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

Hi @Jenny!
Indeed. God continuously bless us with everything that we need especially when we seek Him dearly. Our Lord does wonderful things! We should always thank Him for every blessing that we received. Even though what we prayed for hasn’t happened yet, it has been heard by God. Let us put our whole trust in Him because He has amazing plans for us in the future. Let go of the doubt and let God in control of your life.

@Jenny as christians all we have to do is to pursue our FAITH, to enhance our FAITH and believe until the end to the things that is unseen. all things that we strongly believe in , we keep on thinking and hoping is a MANIFESTATION OF FAITH all of those are factors of faith.