The other day, a woman explain the science of why the Six-Day creation couldn’t have happened

The other day, a woman explain the science of why the Six-Day creation couldn’t have happened. It was interesting that having her take on it. maybe some of the science she mentioned had some facts. I have a hard time receiving science from atheist because of Lucy. They took the tooth of an extinct Pig and made a monkey out of it , DNA is an awesome thing. Bible teaches God is light and he is Almighty and all-powerful and it’s not hard for me to believe that God can cause the Earth to spin while he lit up the Earth and created things although the sun wasn’t created until like the fourth day. God is a miracle working God. Our beliefs should stand in the power of God and not in the wisdom of men. She still could not explain to me how that the Bible says the kind produces after its own kind. But evolution teaches that everything evolve. So another words two cats can have a litter of frogs according to evolution for instance. Where are the new creatures in zoos. Instead we have Extinction in the Bible says death came because of mankind sin. The Bible talks about how that we should ask God to Deliver Us from unreasonable men and that all men don’t have faith. It is so true. When God created the Earth he created it mature so on day one things were maturely created , like animals and Adam and trees. I am so glad I have a miracle working God and my faith shall stand in the power of God.

Jefferson Eugene Eirhart

Jefferson…although the sun was created on the 4th day…the first thing God said was…let there be light… God is light and there is no darkness in him… and also remember in rev. Of the city it says that it will not need the sun or the moon for Je… See more

Samantha Frazer

What a godly wisdom. To GOD be all the glory.

Crank Up

They are trying to hide the fact that God Almighty is the one who is and is to come causing confusion to the people who don’t believe in Jesus

Janet Mboka

The moment you acknowledge God as supreme, and that His Might can’t be explained by science or logic, and that He created science and that scientific explanation aren’t above His suprimercy you’ll rest easy…

Shiata Shiru Michael

The belief that the creation happened in 6 24 hour days is a creation of man out of what they think the Bible says. The Bible doesn’t say that creation happened in 6 24 hour days. The Bible doesn’t say everything that happened or everything that G… See more

Kevin Luke