"The people that do know their GOD shall be strong." Daniel 11:32

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Hello @Jenny Yes amen! May God position YOU this year for mighty exploits. The good news is that we don’t have to figure out what to do on our own; our work is to abide and to just keep being faithful to take the next step. He leads us step by step. We just have to say “Yes, Lord. Whatever you have for me today Lord. I’m at your beck and call.

God is the source of true strength. Nothing can surpass it. He buried that strength in us through the holy spirit. Some people don’t realize it yet but we are stronger than we think because God’s strength lies in us. We are all equipped in our battle. We just have to receive it through prayer.

@Jenny i agree with this If we recognize God as almighty and our strength comes from him. He will continue to guide and strengthen us. What we believe and hold will happen.
May the power and strength of the Lord be received by you now and in the days to come as we face our enemy whom we do not see covid19.