The power of a praying mom

The power of a praying mom.

I’m thankful that I had a praying mother.
I’m here because I had a praying mother and a merciful God.
Do not stop praying for your children. Do not stop praying for your loved ones.
Because I promise you if you continue to pray. God is going to answer that prayer.


Hello, dear @FaithinGod
Lovely image and post! It’s a fact and a truth people forget, praying for your loved ones is always good! Because it shows God how much we love them… It’s even the greatest form of love showing, to speak to the Father God about someone else, to ask him to protect another, it’s a precious thing.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

@FaithinGod im so blessed because like you i have a praying mother. My dad told me that Jesus has a very soft heart with mothers. Prayer is one of the most powerful weapons God has given us. When my mom gave birth, doctors found out that im a jaundice baby (yellow baby) during that time im in the 5050 situation. My mom and dad prayed to prolong the days of my life. And hola! Im a miracle baby. God hears our prayers. HE IS A GOD WHO LISTENS

@FaithinGod: It is really true! I am thankful because my mom’s prayers saved me a lot of times. I do have a powerful praying mom and dad whom I treasure a lot… I also keep praying for them that they will be shielded by any harm and danger as well as have a long life to spend more of their time with us…

One thing I am very proud of is that I have a very strong, loving and religiously devoted Mother. I believed my Momma’s prayers has saved me from many difficult situations. My mom has taught me the value of discipline, to be brave, independent, and patient. God knows everything I wish and ask for, I became consistent with my prayers every night. My family and loved one’s health and safety. His guidance and protection for us and I never forget to be thankful for the blessings He gives us daily. For forgiveness and correction of our mistakes and doings. Always remember that there is power in persistent prayer. Keep believing.

I really appreciate my mother’s effort in making sure our whole family lives life having in mind that we have Jesus Christ in whatever we do. Ever since we were young, she would always tell us how important it is to talk to God because He will help us. She really made sure that we are on the right path in life and that we walk this journey with Christ!

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