The problem of those who believe in God

The problem of those who believe in God

Many celebrities believe in God and do good works. However, there are many who do bad things while believing in God. Why are these people acting like this?

Remember that even we are saved by God, we still sin a lot, because we have the sinful thoughts and habits, Christian celebrities are the same, they have their weakness and sinful desire. We should pray for them to become good witness for Jesus Christ.

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This is because many Church give the wrong and incomplete teaching about salvation.
We became Christians, not because we have better deeds than others, for the Bible says everyone is a sinner. We got saved only by the blood of Jesus Christ. But what should we do after justification? It’s not the ending, we can’t just sit there and live as before waiting for the haven. We should wash our sins by Holy Spirit of truth, we should walk on the way of sanctification, having holy life before God and let Jesus Christ become our real Lord of our life, doing every thing for God’s glory.

Good point, remember we are all sinners. Don’t judge others, check ourselves first, make every effort to become a good witness for Jesus Christ.

We are the new creations in Jesus Christ, but still in the secular world. That is why we still encounter many difficulties and problems.