The promised comforted

Good morning my beautifully beloved friend I see that this hour of test that you’re and have studied to be showing yourself approved you so are making my heart rejoice by acting in wisdom my request for the day is that you understand that I’ve put no more then what you can handle on you oh how i see that you’re finding rest or have found
rest for I have opened my will for all to understand completely now the burden that I carry is I feed sheep like ones and deep root feed the trees that generational curses are broken by my Fruit of the Spirit for there is no law not even man’s law that can concur with any of their weapons for I have already overcome them I’ve left you this map to success in your travel that you will know the very least pains and starvation that comes while you are in the desert or the wilderness this map is a true treasure for in following this simple process there is no depth of hell you can enter in yo pull one of your brothers from even as you hate the very things that stain the flesh know that I’m with you where ever you go to the highest of the mountains the caves or the crevices I’m in your heart holding all things together for I’m from the first and now unto the last of each one of you I will not lose one to be destroyed I will only have them all to return for now I have sent my second son the one that had stayed home and through a fit with a jealous rage so he is like each of you but he does know that his right is to correct each one of you for the wrong choices he made with his misunderstanding my will is that you’re to love your brother for he is free to give hid inheritance which is if you have seen me then you have seen my son each one of you are out in the world no longer at home with me for your stubborn hearts had lead you away with its desires for by now you’ve come to know this is truth my word as I instructed you while you where with me is not far from you that you can’t understand it I’ve poured out my spirit on all flesh on this last day but now you’re in the last hour its time to find rest in me for your burdens are heaven and your load you can’t carry much longer come home and I shall have the whitest robe, your crown of glory with the signet ring for you I’m so tired of running to eachone of you why can uou notbe one body one mind and one accord the fattened calf is awaiting along with the those whom have fallen asleep reminding you still don’t lean on your own understanding I will give you the rest when you are home hurry my dear beloved.

Yours truly the comforter sent no man has seen me and lived eyes wide open it me I’m here I’m here God in spirit worship me now in truth and spirit…