The real truth is for one to receive salvation the one saving them is the one who says they are saved

I feel the need to cover this topic that a lot of people claim that they are saved but cannot tell you how they are saved they claim that they are going to heaven cannot say what qualified them to go to heaven. To me they seem like empty claims like them saying I am saved because I say I am saved and I am going to heaven because I say I’m going to heaven. If one does that they are prideful arrogant person because pride is a lie and they will lie to themselves to feed their pride that they are something they are not. The real truth is for one to receive salvation the one saving them is the one who says they are saved. Like if I was drowning in a lifeguard came out and rescued me drag me to shore. Am I saved. Not yet I still have water in my lungs so therefore I’m still drowning even though I’m not in the water. So the Lifeguard will say he’s still in danger I need to perform CPR and they do and then when I’m breathing and and aware what’s going on then The Lifeguard can say this person is safe they are saved my work is done. So it is God who is the one who says we are saved or not and if we understand what he says salvation is then we can say we are saved and we can explain it to other people. So that he can save them as well. The same goes for going to heaven I can invite you to my house which all that we have is an invitation from God to be in his kingdom. An invitation is not a guarantee in. Cuz if you show up to my house wearing filthy muddy boots I may not let you in cuz I do not want my house getting dirty. That is why the Lord has the parable of the wedding feast in Matthew 22. Everybody was invited but a man showed up wearing filthy rags. And who claims to be a mature Christian and teaching other people who does not understand this. It could be because they’re wearing filthy rags and teaching false Doctrine. It is the lord of the house who decides who gets in so I cannot say I am going to heaven in a way that I’m declaring that I have a guaranteed in because I cannot make that decision. Only God can God is the only one who makes all the decisions and I can only make the decisions that he gives me to make like you said the disciples come and follow me now they had to make a decision. Like he said to the woman caught in adultery go and sin no more now she has to make a decision he gave that to her. So we need to learn what are God’s decisions that he makes so we do not make those decisions for him and we need to learn what he has given us decisions to make.

Daniel Hutch

Vaughn Dodridge yes I know Jesus said it is finished, sir…but that isn’t the coined phrase if man, I mentioned. I see folks throwing that phrase around, claiming all ones has to do is believe in Jesus, and they are saved… That’s what this post is all about …those folks are lying devil’s from hell, claiming you don’t need to do nothing but believe, because of Christ’s Finished Work, because if you believe God is blind to your sins… which contrary to everything God’s Word teaches.

Jack Spinks

Jessica Henderson because he took away my sin so now I can decide I don’t want to do them when they’re offered to me. Somebody’s still in bondage has no control over that because they’re led by their sin to do them. Like a master over a Slave.

Daniel Hutch

I don’t think god thinks like we do I think once he says something it’s done and he keeps his promises and it’s always been like that you cant compare earthy things to heavenly things he tells us not to do that he tells us to think of heavenly things. And he is the alpha and the omega he can save you in half a second or less you don’t have to go to no hospital when he does save you. And no it’s not prideful to rejoice about being saved he wants us to speak on what god has done for us especially to others so others can be saved as well.

Eva Mungarray

Cinnamon Murphy I’m really not sure what you mean by a fairy tale. Your on a Christian page so its obviously can’t be Christ your referring to like some other people do… and as for your hostility and comments about my “Bible study group” I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for all the contention you are filled with. I don’t know what you are battling, but whatever it is, is making you hateful and cold. Give it to Jesus, and lay it at His feet. The battle belongs to Him. Not you. I feel sorry that, you that you think your empty insults, flimsy accusations, and crass speech is going to personally offend me or rile me up. Not only is a Christians Faith very much underestimated and the power thereof, but the Christian is also greatly underestimated. “And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.” These empty insults, and crass comments are a sign of weakness. It takes more strength to NOT speak these things than it does to speak them. “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” The problem with people underestimating the strength of a Christian, (who strength by the way isn’t by their own but Christ within them) is people waste time coming on Christian pages and doing other stuff to try to offend them and rile us up. But Christians I assure you are some of the strongest people in todays society. And when people try to challenge our beliefs and refer to it as a “fairytale” or Christ being an imaginary friend, but here’s the truth and reason why our faith is bullet proof when challenged: we have witness. I’ll pray for you God bless

Alexis Rochon

Vaughn Dodridge yes that is true.What is meant by that is " to inform you that you have eternal life (not promise with a blank check) to strive for, so to encourage you to believe in the name of the Son of GOD.So, one has to strive for that eternal life by: having faith,trust, obey, and do what the SON OF GOD has commanded US. Unless you do that, being SAVED is not guaranteed.

Ben De Castro

Dan Fink because we have faith God works and we have evidence of that work. And then we respond to his work by doing work that he commissions us to do. Thereby proving that we have faith in him by obeying him.

Daniel Hutch

You know,you keep patting yourself on the back like that, you’re gonna break your arm.

George Wright

The fact is,It is one of the greatest miracles in this suffering world when God uses somebody to say something to you, or gives you the “Book” of God’ Words, and we are led to read it, without really desiring to read -Without going into a long testimony I will say a few words of my experience of God finding a gross sinner as I was and knowing that it was not I that Chose God, it was He that found mere me, and called me to be - Cleansed & Sanctified, and that is along process and after a few years,We shall realise it is not a nice process, yet after a while we learn,Through God’s Words & God’s Word & God’s Holy Spirit,That through chastening, sufferings, and maybe heartbreaks,As asuicidal, alcoholic, and had broken every law in the “Book”/ BibleAnd, again, not too many words - Please bear with me -After I had been literally strongly effected to read the N.T. 10 times and the O.T.5 times, (when I seriously tried to stop reading and practicing the Holy Words of God in the Holy Bible,God Almighty then gave me the measure of the gift of faith (Rom. 12:3).Not long after -Another of the most amazing experiences happened,In my life -I witnessed within that,The Holy Spirit of God Almighty witnessed with my Spirit that God had called a sinner like mere me was called to be made holy,And is now become -A child of GodAlmighty -To progressively grow unto -The measure of the stature Of The fullness of Christ,The Anointed One ofGod Almighty.

Roger Pritchard

Nikolaos Thamnidis if your good works account for nothing then why are you judged by your works?

Raheim Raphael

The scripture says we are save if we believe it the gospel of Christ and we have a hope to get to heaven

Garnet Turner