The Resurrection GUARANTEES BELIEVERS that Once you are saved by Jesus you REMAIN SAVED by Jesus. God WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU!

The Resurrection GUARANTEES BELIEVERS that Once you are saved by Jesus you REMAIN SAVED by Jesus. God WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU!

Mike Ryan

False teaching. Because if you really understand what salvation is that God gives you a new heart. now we must keep it clean but if we get it dirty we have lost our salvation. All those who I’ve talked to who believe in eternal security have no clue what salvation is they think it’s just believing. But just believing in God or Jesus Christ does not save you. Or even believing that you are saved. I can believe that an auto mechanic can fix my car I can believe very strongly in that but unless I take my car to him leave it with him and trust him to fix it the best way he knows how. My car will always remain broken as will many people’s lives who believe in Jesus but never surrender their life to him. That is how his word says He will fix our life when we surrender it to him. By giving us a new heart and then he will guide us to keep it clean if we obey the Holy Spirit. If we do not and we rejected scripture we will stain our new heart with sin thereby becoming a backslider.

Daniel Hutch

The fact is, every believers righteousness is tied to the righteousness of Christ Jesus, God sees believers righteous through Christ Jesus, and therefore no condemnation comes to them that are in Christ Jesus, if you believe you are saved, then you are saved forever (Amen), nothing has the power to snatch us from the hand of God. So once saved, saved for ever.

Alome Derek Amos

Salvation does not consist in professing certain opinions, and performing certain outward duties, and going through certain forms. It consists in being reconciled to GOD, and enjoying peace with HIM.

Ronnie Fisher

Once safe always safe is a false doctrine

Renier Koen

Read the entire New Testament,not just a verse here and there.Weare not forgiven for future sins.

Norman Logsdon

Better tell Judas Iscariot that then.

Darryn Marsden

Though we are indeed saved by Jesus Christ i believe salvation can be lost… that is if we give in to sin and to the lusts of our hearts and the world. The doctrine of ounce saved always saved as many problems, for example if a person hears this he or she may interpret it in a way that she does not need to repent and can keep having a licence to sin (This is just one of them) Of course along the lines of the topic a subject that should be considered is if pre-destination is real or not, even if that is the case… God ultimately knows our hearts and minds so if we loose our salvation that means that we never belonged to Christ from the beginning we were lukewarm the whole time and didnt know it. So in order to remain firm in the faith and saved. We must study and practice the unleavened Word of God constantly, repent and forgive, live righteous lives before him. When we encounter trials, we must consult the Word of God for wisdom and guidance and write it into our hearts. Pray for one another and remain faithful until the end. In conclusion i believe its a bit dangerous to only preach or spread that message regarding ounce saved always saved by itself, since one who is not familiar with the Word of God can mis-interpret. I kindly mention this to edify not to cause strife or pointless arguments. Blessings your way in Jesus mighty name!!

Jorge Apodaca