The secret to a wonderful life

The secret to a wonderful life is to die to this world pick up your cross and follow Jesus! Everyday you talk to Jesus and Thank Him, PraiseHim, and let him know that your life belongs to Him. Praise God Thank You Jesus I Love You Beyond This World, Beyond This Universe, All The Way To Heaven, I Belong To You! Heart, Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul, Every Fiber, Every Molecule, Every Atom, I Believe, I Love, I Live, I Breathe, I Belong To You Jesus How My Days Belong To You! Everything I Do, Everywhere I Go, Everything I Say, Belongs To You! Oh How I Long To See You When You Come To Get Me I’ll Be Waiting Patiently For You Jesus! Everything That I’ve Seen, Everything I’ve Done, Everywhere I’ve Been, It’s All Been About You! To Teach Me How To Be Ready For This Time That Is Coming When I Will See You And All Of Your Glory, Come Jesus I Am Ready And Waiting To Bow Down At Your Feet And Give You All Of The Honor! I LOVE YOU JESUS MY GOD!!

Clyde Wigglesworth Sr.