The Texas heartbeat law is a positive development in our society

The Texas heartbeat law is a positive development in our society; it may shake us out of our callous, desensitized view of human life. I hope it holds up to the future legal challenges and is adopted by other states like Florida.
The “pro-choice” messaging has been successful for generations in controlling the narrative by humanizing choice and dehumanizing human life.
The “pro-life” side of the debate has played into this narrative by focusing on the choice aspect of the argument in doing so; they fail to emphasize what it truly means as a collective culture to value human life.
This law is brilliantly crafted as it empowers citizens, not the government, to take action in place of empty platitudes while avoiding targeting the “choice” aspect of the abortion narrative by shielding mothers from the civil repercussions and instead focuses on the core culture surrounding the systematic dehumanization of the most vulnerable in our society.
We are the wealthiest and most comfortable people that have ever walked the earth, yet year after year reported mental illnesses and consumption of behavioral medications rise, are we as a society just better at diagnosing these illnesses? Perhaps our culture has lied to us, leading us to believe that promiscuity is our right of passage and selfish indulgence is a key to happiness; that selflessness is disposable in our pursuit of endorphins.

Ryan Listerman

Well said,!!

Patricia Fleming

Are you sure life beings with the heart beat? Genesis says God breathed into Adam and Eve the breath of life - the Holy Spirit gives new life portrayed as the wind. What is a Bible verse that says life begins with a fertilized egg ? David says god knew him in the womb and that he’s wonderfully made - not sure what that says about when life begins. God knew me 1000’s of years before my birth . What scripture talks about this issue ?

Mark Buchanan

Life begins at the moment of conception but most of the time you don’t even know you are pregnant until 6 weeks…I was 7 weeks pregnant before I knew and that’s why I’m so glad Texas passed that law

Alicia Pierce

Reminds me of Ron Kenoly’s song : 'Return to righteousness… America, return to the One you first believed… return to love , return to light…Return to your King…Return to your God…May we all retrace our steps back to the One we belong to.

Shiata Shiru Michael

Watch the Texas economy over the next few years. We should see evidence of God’s blessing coming down.

Lonnie Trevino

Very insightful comments. But how many Christians are willing, able and ready to receive a child that is a result of rape or incest or is predetermined to have a very difficult life due to some medical maladies even before it’s formed into an embryo? The issue is not as cut and dry as murder or not murder. There are other complex issues to consider. Although I am pro life, I sometimes pause at the intricacies of individual situations and ask if some lives aren’t better returned to God, as they are when they are prematurely stopped from ever knowing this life. Like, how many of you remember when you were a fertilized egg? Show of hands. Just my ever shifting thoughts.

Steve Cannonier

Good but here is better Our Constitution garauntees the right to life Created with the right to life Not born with but created with Abortion clinics are operating in violation of the Constitution of the United States of America Stop allowing them to legallyLegally the entire Country must be behind those who are saving lives

Robert Allen