The Theft of Americas Soul - Phil Robertson

The Theft of Americas Soul - Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson, patriarch of A&E’s Duck Dynasty and one of the most recognized voices of conservative Christianity in America, believes that little by little, generation by generation, America has allowed the lines of morality, decency, and virtue to be erased. Our values have disappeared as we began to believe lies—such as that God is dead, truth is relative, and unity is impossible—that have brought discord, division and protest. But Phil also believes that things can change.

Writing with captivating storytelling and unflinching honesty, Phil shows how to make America a God-honoring nation once more: by dropping the ten central lies that rule our day and taking up the ten truths that will bring peace of mind, harmony, and prosperity back to our country.

The Theft of America’s Soul is a prophetic wake-up call for all who desire to see our nation thrive. And it is also an invitation to experience the life-giving, peace-filling, wholly-transforming love of God.

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Phil makes a compelling point: Without God, America has no hope for the future. It’s not a popular opinion and those that proclaim it are subject to all sort of ridicule, but Jesus said they hated me, they’ll hate you, too. The book is easy to read and the message is unmistakable: Without God, each of us as individuals have no hope for the future. Only God can heal our hearts.

I’m not a person that can read anything . It really has to strike my interest . Not only did I read this book in 1 day it answered questions that I ask myself about America daily . I sincerely hope this book touches a mass of people. Great read if you want to truly know what’s wrong with America and how to fix it .

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I have downloaded a sample of this book. I like it. I will have to save up to buy it, even on Kindle, but I think it will be well worth it.

From reviewers, it seems the author says in this book much of the same thing he has said in other books. Since I have read nothing by this author, it makes no difference to me. But there may be others who have read other books by this author, Phil Robertson. I would suggest that perhaps they read the reviews carefully to see if they are okay with whatever he repeats in this book that they might have read before by him.