The truth is, God is at work on your behalf. Though people may forget, God will not forget you!

Amen to that @Jenny You may not see what God is up to, but he is up to good. He is fulfilling his purposes for his own glory, and he is working out the details of your life for your own good. Don’t let circumstances tell you otherwise. You may be tempted to flee in fear and God’s enemies may be fighting mad and taking it out on you but at the same time, usually behind the scenes, God will be repurposing even the most unlikely sources, the Rahabs in your world, as instruments of faith.

Hello @Jenny.
I absolutely agree to this. Many people always believe through seeing with their eyes and this proves that they do not have faith in the Lord. To see is not to believe but to “walk by faith and not by sight” is better. Although we cannot see what God is doing, everything that we come across is His doing. Every blessing we receive or every bad news we hear, that is God’s work. We do not always have good news but remember that God’s plans for us in the future will be far greater. We should continue being a steward of His creations and inspire everyone we meet by spreading His goodness.