The Truth Shall Hold to the Last

The Truth

The face of truth is open,
The eyes of truth are bright,
The lips of truth are ever closed,
The head of truth is upright.

The breast of truth stands forward,
The gaze of truth is straight,
Truth has neither fear nor doubt,
Truth has patience to wait.

The words of truth are touching,
The voice of truth is deep,
The law of truth is simple:
All that you sow you reap.

The soul of truth is flaming,
The heart of truth is warm,
The mind of truth is clear,
And firm through rain or storm.

Facts are but its shadows,
Truth stands above all sin;
Great be the battle in life,
Truth in the end shall win.

The image of truth is Christ,
Wisdom’s message its rod;
Sign of truth is the cross,
Soul of truth is God.

Life of truth is eternal,
Immortal is its past,
Power of truth will endure,
Truth shall hold to the last.
—Muhammad Ali


Thank you for this. The truth really will soon surface no matter how hard we try to hide it. Even if you feed the people with lies and they believe you, soon the truth will come out.

Welcome back @Rebecca…thank you for sharing this…truth will always prevail no matter how much you protect a lie… that is why, make it a practice to stand always in truth and avoid telling lies by spreading rumors…we should always remember that God is watching us as always…

Hello @Rebecca welcomeback Amen to that word When the Spirit Speaks Truth to You, the Spirit Brings Glory to Jesus I had never noticed this before. He will bring me glory by telling you whatever he receives from me.” In other words, the act of the Holy Spirit speaking truth to you is also an act of worship to Jesus. You know what that tells us? The Holy Spirit wants to talk to you because when he does, he brings glory to the Son of God.
So if you’ve ever convinced yourself that God doesn’t want to speak to you, then remember the words of John 16. According to Jesus, every time the Holy Spirit speaks to you, he’s bringing glory to the Son. When you sit down to read the truth of Scripture, invite the Spirit of Truth to speak to you and to guide you.

@Rebecca what a beautiful poem piece: i am so amaze and really adores person whos in love with art and spreading the “word” through his/her masterpiece . i totally agree with this stanza, this what proves the Law of nature, what you sow you reap, what you have done to your neighbor whether good or bad will come back to you

Hi @Rebecca.
I would like to bring this up because it is very timely. Thank you for sharing this.
I love this. The truth will really set you free. I am currently disappointed with what is happening in my country because so many lies are being fed to people. I hope the people in power remove greed from their hearts because it will get them nowhere in the end. The truth will really resurface and I believe that God will be guiding us through it all. God bless my country and every country in the world.

Hello, dear @Rebecca
Welcome back to the community! Don’t get lost!
Muhammad Ali had some great words on this poem… It really shows a lot of faith and love to God!
This si my favorite part of the poem:

Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.