The whole world should be praying this now


The whole world should be praying this now. I got all choked up as I prayed it. Let’s bow our heads and pray::pray::pray::pray:

Eternal Father, You made the whole world stop spinning for a while. You silenced the noise that we all have created. You made us bend our knees again and ask for a miracle. You closed Your churches so we will realize how dark our world is without You in it.

You humbled the proud and powerful. The economy is crashing, businesses are closing. We were very proud, we thought that everything we have, everything we possess was the result of
our hard work. We have forgotten that it was always Your grace and mercy that made us who we are.

We’re running in circles looking for some cure to this disease, when in fact we need to humble ourselves and ask You for guidance and wisdom. We’ve been living our lives like we will be here on earth forever, like there’s no heaven. Maybe these trials are Your mercy in disguise. Maybe this virus is actually. Your way of purifying us, & cleansing our soul, bringing us back to YOU.

Today as these words travel the internet, may all who see them join their hearts & hands together in prayer! Asking for forgiveness & asking for healing & protection from this virus…GOD just wipe it from the earth!

Father, You have been patiently waiting for us. We’re so sorry for ignoring Your voice… and in our selfish ways, we’ve sometimes forgotten that YOU are GOD!:pensive:

You only need to say the words and our souls shall all be healed. We ask these things in Jesus name!..Amen

:pray::pray::pray:Prayers for all​:pray::pray:


Just prayed with you sister, indeed we have been so proud of what we have become. Forgetting that everything that we have comes from our Almighty Father, we have been so busy with the comforts life gave us. We have been so entertained with the advancement of technology, we felt like the world is just in the palm of our hands. Just want to add that we should pray and recognize like what our pastor said, its all in Abba’s hands. Let your will be done Lord as it is in heaven.

I pray with you, Sis. I agree that this pandemic is His mercy in disguise. It is an opportunity to re-submit ourselves to God and allow Him to lead us instead of going through life ahead of Him, relying on our own strength. There is beauty in this pandemic when you see it through God’s eyes. I also pray that those who are affected will be renewed and keep their trust in God.

This one is a powerful prayer and I recited it too. Before this pandemic arise, we are so busy fulfilling all our hearts desire that we forgot to be grateful in God’s plan for us. We are so busy with our career, our business, and other stuffs. We forgot our relationship to God. Instead of making him as our priority, we have labelled him under as our option. Today, he let us feel his existence by shutting all down what we used to do and I call this pandemic as a reset button for us to fulfill our spiritual aspects and to develop it more. God bless us all!

@Nina_Laird_Fusilli, Yeah that right. its a good prayer. Majority of the people right now is praying for him, asking for a solution or stop this pandemic. While we are searching for the antidote of this pandemic jesus is healing our mother nature, on the other side i love to see how things right now, what i mean no pollution and everybody is praying to heal the world. Thank you lord for everything we so much appreciated how family is more important than other things.

This is the best time to reflect

Corona Virus has proved that everything around us is so temporary.
It’s during these moments that we should look for one another. Help each other. More than anything, we need to have faith.
Maybe God has slowed the world for us to reflect and rediscover ourselves, for us to embody Inner peace, health, kindness, compassion and love.
I hope in the midst of this chaos, we still thank God that we have a house, food, water, warmth and love. It has taught us that in the end it’s your home and family that keeps you safe. May we trust the Lord and believe everything happens for a reason.

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Good realizations @Jean…and I agree with you…Before this crisis strikes, everyone is busy focusing on ones goals, busy for their careers, busy for earthly things; we forgot to develop our spiritual aspects. As the pandemic arises, we are stunned by its effects. Seeing people die on the road, seeing frontliners dying, seeing more people in poverty etc. But at the same time, it teaches us lesson as well. That no matter how rich or poor we are, if we have God in our lives; there is no crisis that we cannot surpass. Let us all be thankful because no one in our family is harmed against this virus. Let’s continue to pray for everyones safety.:wink:

Hello, dear @Nina_Laird_Fusilli
Loved your payer, even though I don’t agree that the pandemic is God’s mercy in disguise. Let’s agree to disagree over there.
What I can truly agree with you is how our livings have gone too far away of the true way and the good way of living for God, there’s a heaven next and as God has always worked four our well being we must pay him by being good persons and Christians to him!
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

Amen! This prayer is so powerful and it really speaks about what is happening today. This pandemic is our wake up call, to get closer to God and ask for guidance. All of the earthly things in this world is temporary, God is forever!