The world often gravitates to the concept of a god who is “all loving.”

The world often gravitates to the concept of a god who is “all loving.” Such a loving god would never judge people and damn their souls to hell. However, it is more biblical to say that God is love, but He is also the essence of truth, judgment, and righteousness. Therefore, God is bound by His own character to do what is true, just, and right.
“If we exalt one of God’s qualities over another, we can get a distorted view of God’s character. In fact, overemphasizing any one of God’s attributes to the exclusion of others can lead to heresy. For example, teaching only about God’s mercy and neglecting His role as a judge will prevent people from understanding God’s hatred of sin and the future punishment for wrongdoing.” - Bill Bright

Jenn Gagermeier

I was explaining this to some brother…that God is LOVE…but scripture reveals that the benevolence of this love is expressed at the upholding of God’s righteousness and Justice. David in the book of psalms said it this way "Your throne oh God is es… See more

Jæý Møkøənã

I wonder why religious leaders theologians teachers of the law can’t present the two sides of God as a loving and merciful savior on one side and a righteous Judge on the other side. Why can’t you say in simple terms or language that God saves those w… See more

Ellie Embisan

We have all inherited the Gift of Choice that God bestowed to Adam & Eve. Thus we have the mental ability to seek and search and return to our ever loving and awaiting God, unlike programmed robots who cannot without a heart.

Stewart Chew