There are many *religions*, but only one *_Gospel_*

Somebody once asked a Christian friend, “I can’t understand you Christians because India is the home of many religions that it is an exceedingly religious country. Why then do you introduce yet another religion and add to the confusion? Surely, India has enough religions.”

The Christian friend answered, “Friend, I’m not interested in religion, but I’m deeply interested in the Gospel. I would not walk across the streets for religion, but I’m willing to go around the world for the sake of the Gospel. There is a difference between the two.”

Religion is man made; the Gospel is God given,

Religion is what man does for God; the Gospel is what God has done for man,

Religion is man’s search for God; the Gospel is God’s search for man,

Religion is man trying to climb the ladder of his own self-righteousness, with the hope of meeting God at the topmost rung; the Gospel is God coming down the ladder of the incarnation of Jesus Christ and meeting us as sinners at the lowest rung (forming the steps of a ladder),

Religion is good views; the _Gospel _ is good news.

Religion is good advice; the Gospel is glorious announcement.

Religion takes a man leaves him as he is; the Gospel takes a man as he is and makes him what he ought to be.

Religion ends in an outer reformation; the Gospel ends in an inner transformation.

Religion white washes; the Gospel washes white.

Religion often becomes a farce; the Gospel is always a force, the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes.

There are many religions, but only one Gospel.

Amen. I don’t believe in religions, but in Jesus Christ.

Amen. I like this.