“There is no such thing as Comfortable Christianity. You will experience tribulation”

“There is no such thing as Comfortable Christianity. You will experience tribulation”

Janice Calacal

What you mean? People are living things that are just not healthy …it’s not seasons anymore but it’s been tooooo long … it’s affecting our health …

Li Li Lisa

Kenneth J. Schonmeier I’m not going into wrath…The Tribulation which is 7 total years the midpoint being the abomination of desolation…the last 3.5 called The Great Tribulation The Time Of Jacob’s Trouble

Jeff Palmer

I saw the end and I am taken up right when a giant earthquake starts. I am experiencing extreme tribulation now. Just have to feel bad and pray for those who are not… Not good.

Brittney Erin

Tribulation as in everyday troubles and sorrows. Not the Tribulation Event

Cory Gossen

But in Christ there IS

Roland Elesorio Denzo

Shawn Barnicle A secular mind would see that as the purpose of religion. The purpose of christianity is to worship the one true God who created everything and who loved us enough to send His Son to take our punishment so that we could be saved if we repent of our sins and trust in Him. It’s not a comfort thing. It’s a grace thing.

Benjamin Michael

I will send you the comforter. You will have peace beyond understanding.Even though you go through trials and tribulations I will be there with you.

David Newhouse

I get what you’re saying, but why say it? Just to depress everyone?

Laura Kay Mohr

Don’t you believe God comforts his own, even while they go through tribulation,knowing, this will soon pass too?

David Newhouse

God is love to all glory to the kingdom of heaven and earth

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