There is one way to heaven, and that is faith in Jesus alone

There is one way to heaven, and that is faith in Jesus alone. It doesn’t matter if you are a trans person, gay, bi, or some other sexual orientation. It doesn’t matter if you are a murderer, or a liar, or an adulterer. It doesn’t matter if you’ve spent your whole life doing things that only serve yourself and not others. It doesn’t matter how many you’ve hurt, or how unworthy you feel, you are not far from the grace of God. Come as you are in all your struggles and successes. You don’t need to be broken to accept the salvation of Jesus, you just need to have faith in him. God sent his son to die for the whole world, that means you, and everyone else you’ve ever laid eyes on. He knows none of us could get there by our own works and that’s why the law exists to bring us to the end of ourselves for righteousness. All your praying, all your good deeds, all your kindness, and all your holiness, could not save you. Only your faith in the Lord Jesus can. This is the gospel friends, Jesus will save anyone in a moment, no matter their current life situation. We don’t need to tell them to repent of sin (cause not one of us ever has or can do that), we don’t need to tell them to make Jesus Lord (cause he is already Lord of all things), and we must not put a limit on the blood of Christ and his finished work on the cross. Faith alone in Jesus for righteousness and salvation is what saves and the word of God is clear on that. God wants none to perish, that is why the Lord Jesus came. Some will not work as we do, but they will be saved. Yes we should live a certain way as believers, yes we can correct those who profess faith but live in error, but do not question their salvation! It’s faith alone by grace alone, not of ourselves. It was when we believed that we received eternal life as a gift, and it’s the same for those who do not work as we do. Jesus is the reason you are going to heaven, and the reason anyone else can too. Let’s celebrate God’s goodness, that he will save those who do little to nothing at all for the kingdom. Have the humility to see that we are not more saved or less saved than they are. Just because we work, it makes no difference, we work in his grace and love only, not for any other reason. The Lord is so good, he will save your neighbor who does not serve him but believes, and you and I friend, we work so that even more of our neighbors can be saved by this gospel truth. In all his time ministering Jesus did not deny one person healing, he gave grace to them all, even after making it clear he was there only for his people and that the rest of us are dogs. You and I can reach anyone if we understand this gospel truth. By grace through faith, none are denied salvation. We can’t earn it, and we can’t lose it. Have confidence in the Lord Jesus and his finished work on the cross. Love your neighbor as yourself and spread the gospel of his salvation.

Eric Perez

God made genders the way they were born. You do have to REPENT every day. Some things you say I agree with Others I do not.

Nanci Bradberry

I share my thoughts: Stand firm in the Word of God and be bold in Christ Jesus. I stay in God’s Word. The Bible. I once read. “We will never know the mind of God until we learn to know the voice of God.” amen. Jeremiah 15:19 If you repent, I … See more

Virginia Hougasian