There is simple true “God is stronger” than any circumstances

:microbe: Even though Covid19 is strong :microbe:.
How have you been my friends? It’s been already 2 month since my family started to stay at home :house: :cry:. One day my boy made this to encourage all of us. Yes! There is simple true “God is stronger” than any circumstances :muscle:t2::sparkles:. Let’s put God first and overcome the situation :raised_hands:t2: God is in control of everything :+1:t2::star_struck:. Learned again from His small child :pray:t2::two_hearts:.

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Hello, dear @FaithinGod
Thank you for asking… Pretty nice of you hehe. Here in my country it’s a little weird, we are having peak number of cases each day that passes but people and business are coming out of the house to work as normal. I believe there is a risk on the street and people should care about their health a lot more. I agree with you, we have to put everything to God hands.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

Hello @FaithinGod Thank you for these great ref. verses to stand on. There are times when you face things that seem larger than life. You know with every part of you mind, body and soul that God can and will take care of it. Yet the human emotions must be allowed to work through the body and be felt. It is only by standing on God’s word that these emotions just slide off and leave. They can’t stay around with the claiming of the Lord’s word.
Today I am standing on God’s word.

Christ is stronger than our greatest fears and stronger than anything that holds us bound. The Son of God shares this divine strength with anyone who believes in him and takes on his mission, no matter what their initial condition might be. This is the strength that allowed Jesus to overcome his own will in Gethsemane and thereby free those bound by Eden’s sin.

I’ve come to learn that God is always calling us to do things we don’t believe we can accomplish. That’s because without Him, we can’t. He calls us to do things like have impossible strength and courage because, at the end of the day, we have to realize that those were never things we were going to be able to accomplish on our own. He calls us to step out into faith obediently, and trust that He is going to be there to put a firm path under our feet. We start, but He is the one who accomplishes the mighty, powerful work in our life.

Wow! I really love this drawing, @FaithinGod.
During this hard time, we should all be reminded that God is indeed stronger than anything in this world. Even though we are facing so many unjust or difficult situations, let us continue fighting for what is right because at the end of the day the Lord blesses the people with a good heart.
Let us pray for all countries around the world experiencing this pandemic and may each family receive more strength from God in battling at this time of our lives. Amen.

Hello @FaithinGod Yes I love it!
The God is greater than the Highs and Lows design indeed carries a spiritual reminder to me that my identity is no longer based on what I have accomplished for myself nor what I have failed to do. Let’s not waste our ups and downs. Let’s trust God through them. He is building our faith. One day, it will be worth it all. In God alone I can find true and secure success. That’s why God is greater than the not only the highs and lows, but He is much, much greater than this world itself.

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@FaithinGod I am so amazed with kids that has very strong faith / belief with God. I always prayed that God gives “a childlike faith" heart. I talked with my mom last time, I told her that I am so stress and I don’t know what to do, due to Covid19 I lose my job. She told me that God knows about everything He is in control; all we have to do is pray and believe that He can conquer those circumstances. God is Good all the time!

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@Em_jey Hallelujah praise God, truly God is greater than our thoughts and our ways. God is in control, He knows everything. You are correct that He is building our faith, He wants us to learn from these events, especially to trust him and leave everything to him. The Lord is gracious and merciful. God bless you