There’s been an incredible con that has occurred in US culture.Evolution is unequivocally a scientific crime!

There’s been an incredible con that has occurred in US culture. Evolution is NOT a fact, it is the greatest myth forced on the minds of mankind. It doesn’t even qualify as a theology, or a hypothesis. It is a bankrupt metaphysical research program. It is not testable science or a scientific law. Evolution is a theory and nothing more than a pseudoscience hoax. Theories are uncertain. Evolution is uncertain and definitely has no evidence. Evolution is unequivocally a scientific crime!

El G Pollex

And why belittle the POWER of our Almighty God by saying He cannot use evolution to create ? This only shows how little man understands.

David Lanham

Science has disproven evolution it doesn’t even qualify as a theory by science standards when I grew up they taught it as fact and when I disputed it I went to the principal’s office and my parents were called in

Alan Estes

I think you don’t understand the word theory. A theory is a proven fact. You’re using theory in a way that people use it colloquially as they would say the word hypothesis. It doesn’t mean what you think it means

Michael Fry

Evolution is a fact. The only thing stopping it from being defined as “Law” is that it is impossible to lab-test something that takes millions of years. Here’s the harsh reality tho: THOUSANDS of scientists and researchers have wasted their entire careers LOOKING for a hole in Evolution. There is none, to date. A discovery to debunk Evolution would be groundbreaking. We as Christians must adapt and appreciate the mysteries of God, instead of trying to fit him into our Box. Evolution is REAL, ergo God has something to do with it.

Tyler Mullan

People who have no idea what they are talking about should be silent.

Joseph Berk

How are you defining evolution? I ask because some of it (micro) is easily provable and accepted by most Christians and by most scientists who are believers. Macro, no the other hand, is a different story. My assumption is you mean macro.

Kevin Thomas

And religions are just beliefs /theories which can never been proven beyond all intelligent doubt and are used for power and controll and exploitation

Francis Gerry

There are ZERO transitional fossils in the world! Why? Because evolution is one big lie from the pit of hell!

Alzart Deaton

That’s a lot of nonsense. It’s a theory that has held up well under rigorous analysis and keeps generating new discoveries. Of course aspects of the current version may be questioned (I think the pendulum is swinging once again back toward a more “Lamarckian” version with the discovery of the importance of epigenetic factors). But the core claim of common ancestry is likely to hold up.“Creationism” on the other hand is bad theology, bad Biblical exegesis, and bad science. It’s an idol to which a lot of Christians are far too attached.

Edwin Woodruff Tait

Evolution is the best that scientists can come up with as an explanation… It may be flawed… That is the nature of science…That the earth goes around the sun may be seen contradictory to the Bible by some people… Nevertheless science will maintain that the earth goes around the sun…You can say that all of science is fraud and go and live in a cave…

Koshie Rachen

The first roadblock to the origin of life is in the primordial soup… Theory puts forth the idea that energetic forces (heat from volcanism and electricity from lightning) created basic carbon based organic molecules…Then these molecules formed into more complex chain molecules in lipid structures.The problem with that theory is the the molecules in question repel one another and could not form longer chains without outside motivational influence (conscious will).

Hiram Holiday