Theres this one lady who is in her 2nd stage of dementia

I work in a nursing home with dementia patients. Theres this one lady who is in her 2nd stage of dementia. Very confused and can hardly hold a conversation let alone speak a full sentence that makes sense. But one thing she does know is scripture. If you sing to her songs about Jesus, 9 times out of 10 she’ll sing along. If you read scripture to her she will voice every word from memory. I find that it calms her when she gets anxious or irritable. Well a couple weeks ago is when i came to this discovery. I started to sing and read scripture. She thanked me. I hugged her and said it would all be okay because Jesus will come one day and bring us into the clouds to meet him. She responded in a full sentence and said “Yes! Jesus is coming…in September”
Your thoughts please.

Brenda Gehring How sweet of you too remind her of scripture and godly songs . It not only warms her heart , it warms our wonderful Father’s as well!!! :heart_decoration: regarding Sept If it is it is. Remember the verses: as for the day and time no one knows except the Father himself. Or It will come like a thief in the night. :heart_decoration::heart_decoration::heart_decoration:

Mose Boyd Yes she just letting you know that Jesus is coming soon. I love the story because even though she has dementia. We know that sickness comes from the devil. And healing comes from God. I said that to say this once you have study the word and meditate in it day and night nothing or no one could separate you from God’s word

Tim Durante Sr. ONLY Father God knows the day n the hour HE sends Jesus back!!!:sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:
BUT beautiful that she IS OUR role model…as in: we all should be able to quote scripture and maybe wldnt hurt IF we knew some beautiful Christian songs!! In the churches I’ve attended I learned like 100 uplifting songs​:sparkling_heart::+1: