This is just a few thoughts I had while reading the Bible this morning

This is just a few thoughts I had while reading the Bible this morning.
As I sit here today I can’t help but think of a story in the Bible. It is the story about a crippled and lame man. Jesus was at a certain house teaching and the Bible says that there was such a crowd that they filled the house. The friends of the lame man knew that if they could get to Jesus their friend could be healed. The biggest problem is they could not get inside. These friends literally took tore the roof apart on the house to get to Jesus. Their friend was healed by them showing their great faith. I wonder how many of us have a great need today?. We know we need a touch but sometimes we may think that God is too busy for us. How many of us would be willing to tear the roof off of our own pride and insecurities? We need to open up our heart, mind, and soul to God. When we don’t hold anything back and give our all to God then he will see our great faith and he will act accordingly to our needs. I am ready to tear down the roof and let the holy fires of grace and revival into my life, family, and church. How about it, are you?

Matthew Barber

Life is more peaceful when we include God in our lives

Frank Macias

Yes Amen thank you

Wesley Turner

Natasha DeFoe