This is why I don’t believe in an afterlife…

This is why I don’t believe in an afterlife…
I work in a hospital. When we resuscitate patients in the ER, the doctor calls the shots. We time the CPR both to ensure regular breathing intervals, heart massage, and defibrillation(electric shock). And so the doctor knows when to tell us to stop further resuscitation. If CPR is given quickly enough, we can often save people from dying.
On average, at normal body temperature, we can expect about 10% brain damage for every minute the brain is starved of oxygen. After about 10 minutes without any oxygen, the brain is damaged beyond its ability to regain consciousness.
If the patient has a normal body temperature, the doctor usually says stop, after about 10-20 minutes without a pulse, because by then the patient would be completely brain dead.
My question to people who believe in an afterlife is this:
How do you explain how people can go from being an unconscious corpse with 100% brain damage to suddenly appearing in “heaven” or “hell” or any kind of afterlife with all our memories and our senses intact?

Phillip Duck

I think real question you need to ask is how does a group of elements, forming living brain cells, produce consciousness, self-awareness and an identity by themselves. Even Frankenstein’s monster was credited for having a creator.

Richard Semione

The body we are in now is just our earthly body. Just like you wont be taking your bank account, house or car, you won’t be taking this worldly body either. I hope you research this enough to find your faith in Jesus. He is the prince of peace and c… See more

Carol N Andy Oquinn

Because God created everyone. If he created every single baby he can certainly heal those who come into his presence.

Bev Minett