Those who leave everything in God's hands will eventually see God's hands in everything


When we learn to completely surrender everything to God, we will be able to see how our situation changes. We will take every defeat as opportunity to start over and be better. And by the time we look back, we will see how God orchestrated everything according to His purpose that gave us wisdom and made us stronger as we walk in our life.

Leave everything in God’s hands and eventually you’ll see God’s hand in everything. I have seen this truth work itself out over the years in my, career transitions, health challenges, relational issues and financial struggles. As my grandmother told me, “Son, I’m good at leaving things in God’s hands, but I struggle not to take it back into my hands.” I’ve never regretted giving anything to the Lord, but I have regretted taking it back. I’m learning to trust the hands—of the One whose handiwork declares His glory!

When you find it difficult to give your worries to God, remember he loves you! There is absolutely nothing that can put you outside of God’s love. None of the things that have you worried are bigger than he is. Remember, God loves you so much that he made great sacrifices to be with you. That same God who sacrificed so greatly tells us not to fear our troubles because has overcome the world

@Jenny thank you Jesus for the assurance of You never leave us, nor forsakes us. Thank you for not giving up on me Jesus you still there for me, today i will surrender it all to you. To the things that i have no control i will trust in you and obey you with all my might,