Thy will be done amen

Thy will be done amen

Amen, brother, that will be amazing if God bless us. :joy:

Do u want all public schools in USA have the Bible classes


I want. but it’s impossible!

Should be. USA is Christian country.

It is not a simple problem.

You should think more. What if a country became a Christian country, and the Christianity might be intimately connected with the government and what should we do when something happen?

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It would be great if such a day would come. I think the school should teach not only human wisdom but also religious aspects. Unfortunately, I think it will be difficult because not everyone is Christians. However, if there is a school that teaches the Word of God and teaches the Word of God as well as human knowledge, it will be so amazing and delightful.

Amen! It would be so wonderful. Pray for that! Our schools, our children need Jesus!

It is really up to the Bible teacher.
If they do not believe God or misunderstand the love of God, I think it will become really bad.

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Yes, I want all schools in the world have bible classes. I have people can begin to know the knowledge of God from they are young.

Amen, Because USA was established on the rock of Christ. We can’t kick God out. I hope all public schools in USA have the Bible classes.
Teach children the truth. Don’t let the world rob our kids.