TONY’S TOP TEN - 12/16/20


  1. Never underestimate thepower of talking to someone about Jesus.
  2. What could you talk about that would do people more good, even if they are already saved?
  3. Don’t allow Satan to whisper in your ear, that’s not my kind of thing, I don’t feel called to and be discouraged when God has empowered you with the Holy Spirit with boldness for this very thing.
  4. Identify what is keeping from talking to others about Jesus and surrender it to him so you can fuflfill his purpose for you.
  5. When people tell me it’s not that they are ashamed to tell people about Jesus I always tell them, yes you are, because you are more concerned about what they think about you than what they think about Jesus.
  6. Being a Christian is about bring glory to Jesus and what better way than sharing Jesus and what he has done in your life?
  7. Telling others about Jesus with comfort us in our pains and put confidence in the place of insecurities of our life.
  8. I would hate to think that God would take you to heaven early, without any rewards, simply because you weren’t doing anything of value with the testimony he gave you.
  9. Love is the strongest force in the universe and we express both God’s love and our love for others when we tell them about Jesus.
  10. When you truly love someone you talk about them all of the time; are your conversations filled with love for Jesus?