TONY'S TOP TEN - God's Commandments


  1. The problem we have with God’s commands is not realizing that He never commands you to do anything in your own power but in faith trusting in His word and power to accomplish what He commands.
  2. If you are a born again believer you must drop the attitude of “If hs to be,it has to be me.”
  3. It doesn’t have to be you, it can be someone else; God can pass you by; you can miss the blessing; but God does gives you not the right to serve Him but the privilege to serve Him.
  4. We need to remember to put on the garments of humility and joy when we serve God or we really aren’t serving God.
  5. If God doesn’t get the glory in your serving Him you are not serving Him but yourself.
  6. Before you criticize women for serving in church, perhaps you need to know your Bible better, women held places of honor all through the scriptures.
  7. It is literally amazing just how many women played an important part in Jesus ministry.
  8. God chose a woman to be the first to testify as to Jesus’ resurrection not man.
  9. Never underestimate God in using whomever He pleases without consulting you on it.
  10. I want to introduce you to one of God’s greatest groups of ministers MOMS!