Topic today should Christians ask God for patience

Topic today should Christians ask God for patience

Eric D Williams

Patience is already in you it’s only the matter of put in it action.

Beddy Kishiba

I believe so. If that is what you struggle with. It is one of the fruits of the HS.Just know that God wont necessarily snap His fingers so you jave patience. He will give you the opportunity to be patient and practice it.

Karel Prins

Asking God for patience backfired on me, but asking Jesus to be my patience worked! Can you comprehend the difference?

Lorelei Sargent

Actually its the best.thing you can do. Don’t listen to those that say ooh oh don’t do that . the devil is a liar. Ask and you shall receive !

Daniel B Homer Jr.

You can and He will bring a trial to you. EG you you will go for a parking and some one will slip in before you. This is just an example. What will you do in this case. We all fail with patience, humility etc. But we got to learn. Learning never stops … See more

Tholsee Reddy

Patience is necessary in every situation where God is concerned for his timing is impossible for us to comprehend. People who say not to pray for Patience are only fooling themselves!

Bob Gray