Toxic Surrounding

Toxic Surrounding

Hi! How do you cope with your surroundings if it is very toxic. You can’t leave so you don’t have a choice but to stay there.

Hi @kianna!
I cope with toxic surroundings that I can’t leave and no choice but to stay there, by changing my responds toward the situation in still godly and loving ways.

I also apply that I am not a thermometer that only reads the temperature on the surroundings but I am a thermostat who dictates what the temperature should be.

Whatever I observed, I kneel it down in prayer. Example when I sensed that there’s misunderstanding and anger and bitterness in my family or home, I rebuke those things I sensed and declare life over it like I declare love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and self-control to manifest in that place. I declare the presence of God to fill the place as well.

For life and death is in the power of our tongue.
In the presence of God there is freedom.
Everything changes in God’s presence.

So be like thermostat @kianna and see and taste the goodness of the Lord in this land. Wait and see that the atmosphere of your surrounding will be changed.

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Wow, thank you so so much @theenaocay!! :blush: :yellow_heart:

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I love what @theenaocay said. now, that’s new – the thermometer and thermostat thing :slight_smile: Yeah, but that is so true. Think, are you toxic to others? Perhaps you are. But if you’re not, then it’s good having you around. Maybe because of you, people who you think are toxic could actually change their ways. So, smile, light up the room, and be the stand up guy (or gal).