True love: Forgive and love one another

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True love: Forgive and love one another.

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No matter how hard it may be, try to forgive. Forgiveness sets our hearts free. It gives us freedom. Forgiveness is releasing resentment and anger. Forgiveness is the ultimate way of healing. We need to forgive others whether they deserve it or not but because for ourselves. For us to let go and move on. Stay kind because if we allow ourselves turn wicked, we will no longer be different from them. Do not taint our soul with grudges, because we do not deserve to carry unnecessary loads. Forgive ourselves for not knowing better and remember that sometimes the best way to love them is to forgive and let them go.

Forgive and love one another as God forgives us. I know that forgiveness is hard to do but I believe that God will bless us with courage and strength to release all resentment by forgiving. It is not healthy for our hearts to bear burdens. It will be easier for us to let go of the pain and let God come in. Better things are coming.

Hello, dear @SaltandLight
This is a truth many forget a lot… True love is forgiveness, without it we just have grudges and people with grudges can’t give or feel love, because this clouds their judgment and closes their heart to others… To really love, you must forgive, is the way the Lord wants us to live! So it must be done! Besides, the only perfect being is God, he’s the only one who doesn’t hurt us, so we can’t expect that others to be perfect, when they aren’t. We should just strive and try to be more like God, little by little.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

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Real love is total commitment with no separate parts or degrees and filled with harmony and joy. Hopefully, that feeling is reciprocated by someone. Love cannot be taught. It is a natural expression coming from the heart or emotional makeup of the individual. It is a gateway to connection with another human being, and if a person is a Christian, to God. Forgiveness is a part of love. If a person is unforgiving, this is a block to love. The ultimate test of love is forgiveness. When someone that a person loves hurts him, the response is the true record of that love; if there is true love here, the person will not hold a grudge, become resentful, or fill the heart with bitterness. None of these responses connect with true love. It blocks that emotion. So what should the response be: to forgive.

@SaltandLight i just dont know. Today im in deep pain (emotionally in pain) someone who i love the most hurted me so bad. My heart is full of grief and sorrow, also my heart is full of hatred.
I know in my heart, that there is still room for forgiveness however for me it will take time. I prayed that God will wipe my tears and hear me to stop me for hating that person who i love the most. Please also pray for me

Hello @SaltandLight loving people means putting up with them. It means putting up with their weaknesses, failures, and shortcomings. It means choosing not to make a big deal out of every negative interaction we have. After all, this is the only way we can live peaceful lives. We ourselves are weak, broken, and flawed people. We make a million mistakes a day. If people don’t choose to overlook our shortcomings, we will constantly be in everyone’s debt. So, we have to do the same for others. We have to overlook many of the little irritating and hurtful things that happen every day. That’s love.