Trump says Christian faith 'treated very unfairly' during COVID-19 pandemic

President Donald Trump said over the weekend that the Christian faith is being “treated very unfairly” during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as state and local governments have enforced social distancing against church gatherings.

In a press briefing Saturday, the president was asked why he retweeted an April 14 tweet from former Washington bureau chief for Investor’s Business Daily Paul Sperry.

Hello, dear @Jimmy_Ka,
It’s a shame what social distancing and quarantine has done to the chirstian faith, I’m with President Trump, this has affected us too much… It even occupied the holy week, this was the first time in my whole life where I didn’t go to church… It’s sad, but it also must be done… I saw some news of some mass that were done and a lot of people got infected of the virus after it. We must keep fighting the way we can, by staying home. Our faith must be stronger than ever, only that way God will save us all.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

Due to this pandemic, all church goers experience social distancing but it is not a hindrance to continue serving the Lord and increase our faith more. Even if other churches are closed, still there are a lot of ways to preach God even at home. In our community, we use zoom every Sunday.

All of these shall pass, we just have to stronger in our faith and remain inside our homes just like what our leaders intend us to do. Just like how Noah faithfully followed stayed in the ark when it rained 40 days and 40 nights.


I agree with you! Instead of going to the church to praise the Lord God, let us bring Him in our homes. Let us make our homes holy and filled with the Lord God’s unending love! :yellow_heart:

@kianna Yes this is the new normal now i think, Because of this pandemic some of us are afraid going to the church. But in my case there are big difference when you are praising the Lord at your home versus you are praising HIM inside his House which is the Church. I miss that feeling inside the church its feels like Jesus is talking to you or giving you some hugs. :slight_smile:

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Yes, it really does feel great. But it really bothers me whenever a huge number of people go out their ways in the public while there is a pandemic. We do not have a vaccine yet and the number of people dying is alarming. I hope everyone is okay though. I know God is with us, this is only a chapter in our lives we will soon end. A new and bright one is ahead of us. Prayers will surely be a huge help! :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

I believe that it should not affect our faith in God. We should still serve him even in our own homes. There are livestreams that really feels like we are in a community gathering and it is beautiful. During this pandemic, we should follow the rules to prevent lives from being taken. God is with us through this pandemic and it shall pass.

I still believe that God is all powerful and all knowledgeable about anything in this world. God allowed this pandemic to happen during this perfect time, imagine what would have happened if this pandemic erupted during the 80’s and even 90’s, communication would have been very expensive. Now to go back to President Trump’s point, yes it might be causing problem to us Christian with regards to going to church, but it is not unfair because all of the religion in this world are all following the social distancing order. So when it comes to exercising our “Christian Faith”, going to church is now easier, it’s just a click of a button - through online. Now is the best time to manifest our faith, the world is in fear, there’s uncertainty, and we’re alone at home with God. Let’s altogether talk to Him, He will hear us and He will answer us - HE IS GOD.

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