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Always @Jenny Hard times often lead to the greatest moments of our life. Keep going. Tough situations build tough people in the end. Breakdowns create breakthroughs.
So don’t be afraid when everything seems to be falling apart, it’s not. We are just in the process of rebuilding, everything is coming together. Maybe it might be hard to see it, but we have to trust and focus. Trust God that everything is going to be okay than expected. Focus on what we want, not on what we don’t want. One day, we will be thankful that we didn’t give up. Great blessings are coming our way. Believe it. Trust it.

I may not know and understand what is actually happening in me right now, and to those people who suffers depression like me…but I know God is making a way for us…let us just not stop seeking God to guide us as we battle for our mental health and remember that this too shall pass.

Very applicable in this time of pandemic. Many of us right now having a problem loosing their jobs and experiencing poverty. We can’t blame the other people right now for not trusting our Lord God. I can say that we are all bless in this community because we have internet connection to communicate and to post our message here. And some of them are choosing not to load up so they can have food in their table. We need to pray to our God to bless them who does not have anything aside from front liners.
He is making a way.

“Trust” a very simple word, but very powerful as well. God commanded us to put our trust in Him. According to Proverbs 3:5-6 " 5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.", he is telling us to give our trust fully to the Lord and he will do the rest. For us people who are struggling currently, this is a very powerful promise from God. And yes He is making a way for us, not just an ordinary way but as what He said in His word, He is making our way straight so that we will not have a hard time. Praise the Lord for His words.

@MakkaPakka You have broken down a million times and still put yourself back together again. Think about how amazing that is and how powerful you are. Let your hopes, not your hurts shape your future. Believe that you will get better. May you heal in the midst of your pain. May you learn how to walk after you fall down, so you will be able to keep moving despite the mess trying to keep you in the pieces the pain brought you to. With the imperfections, heartache and healing, you are still worthy of love and acceptance. Be patient and be kind to yourself as you get through this, maybe soon you will begin to notice healing in your heart.

This is a good reminder most especially now that we have no idea what could possibly happen the next few days/weeks/months. We have to give the Lord God our full trust. He knows what will happen before it happened.

God will ALWAYS make a way. No matter what is happening at the moment, we shall trust in God’s words because He has a plan. We shall continue believing and trusting God because He will always be there to help us during our hard times. Let us be patient and have faith in the Lord!

Hi @Jenny. I agree with this quote. For how many decisions I made, there are several situations that I forgot to trust God, when that happens I failed. It is important to trust God beyond our circumstances. We can’t blame ourselves if we aren’t trusting God, because we have different experiences about how God works in our life individually. I’m sure there are persons who really hated God, and they needs our help. How do you trust God? When i’m in difficult situations I pray to God, and ask Him for help. And when I prayed, I trusted Him that He will glorify my prayer whether to outcomes are difficult to accept but He will show to me that it is for my own good.

Thanks @Jean…yeah I know…this is not actually the first time that I feel something like these stuffs…I already experience it even before I was not married yet…and I survived the feeling…today, I am claiming to God that I will survive again, even if some people insist that what I feel is just a mere product of my mind…I cannot elaborate more about what I feel since everyone haven’t
tried my shoe yet… :blush:

Hello, dear @Jenny
Sometimes we think it’s unfair or we don’t understand the situation we are facing, but we must remember God is making a way for us each day. Each thing that happens to us has a reason and is part of his big plan for us, for God there is casuallity. He’s always working in our favour, even if we don’t understand it.
During last week I had a lot of troubles financially, coupled with the virus, I just keep telling me those words, I trust God and know he will help me!
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

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@Luis_Ruiz: I totally agree Sir… truly indeed that God is making a way for us each day… I may not understand everything that is happening in my life today, but I know in the long run I will find the perfect answer…thanks for the words of encouragement Sir…

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God’s ways will forever be a mystery to us all. But one thing is for sure, God is always working on us and for us. His ways and plans are unquestionable. We must trust Him, believe in Him, and have faith in Him. His immeasurable love for us is beyond this world!

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Hello, dear @MakkaPakka
A pleasure as usual! Writing here always helps me realize thing like that. Specially because we can feel so sad for so little…
Then when the times pases we can understand, you summerize it perfectly over here:

Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

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