Trust in and Rely in the Lord with All Your Heart

Quote shared by: Minister Lucy Morilla

Amen to that.Thank you @Eric for sharing this word. Well said, the last 3 years I have been on a learning to trust God journey and it has positively affected every aspect of my life. The biggest challenge I’ve had to work through is control issues, and they are huge. Trust is deeply and hugely connected to this. Trusting in God has allowed and us allowing me to release control over many things yet the joy I am experiencing in my relationships is awesome!

Yes indeed! We need to Trust and Rely to our God. God isn’t asking us to fight our battles, He’s only asking us to be still and trust that He’s got this.We know we are leaning on our own strength when we find ourselves exhausted and worn out. God never intended us to live this way. He wants us to enjoy His presence and not live in anxiousness no matter what we face.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart” means placing our heart at the Lord’s feet…How? By acknowledging and following the Lord means to actively pursue God’s will for your life and doing things God’s way instead of your way…All we have to do is trust him along the way.

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Amen. I was lost and now I found a new hope as well as a new beginning to replace a fear of my heart with a strong mind. Although, it is very hard at this time but with the love of my family and strengthen my faith to God. I know I can do it to surpass my struggles in life.

This is where I always get in trouble, “do not depend on your own understanding”. I honestly admit that I am still a work in progress, meaning I am still a growing and a learning Christian far from being complete. Because of the continuous trials I have been facing in life right now, I have realized and learned a lot. My eyes were opened to a lot of flaws I have, and it made me faced a harsh reality that I am always immature when it comes to my faith in God. When push comes to shove I always fold, whenever I face difficulties I always react and think of solution using my own knowledge and judgment instead of waiting and trusting that my God is the greatest problem solver. But still I thank God because He still giving chances after chances to bounce back, and prove to Him that I can give my full trust in Him.

Yes! I agree with this @Eric. Thank you for sharing this. We must put our whole trust in the Lord because He will guide us through every step of our journey. He knows where we are going and we must follow Him. Yes there will be challenges along the way but remember that our faith and trust in Him is stronger than anything.