UN food agency chief: World could see famines of "biblical proportions" within months

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David Beasley, director of the United Nations World Food Program, warned Tuesday that the world is on “the brink of a hunger pandemic” as it grapples with the global coronavirus crisis. He said that without action, the world could face “multiple famines of biblical proportions within a short few months.”

Many of us today especially those in poverty are suffering due to this pandemic. Because of lockdowns, many people are forced to leave their work as of this moment and wait for further advice to come back. Government budgets are not enough, as they didn’t foresee this kind of situation and all we can do is extend our help for those people infected. Covid19 helps us to realize that, all of us should prepare and save always for “rainy days”. Let us all continue to pray that we will surpass everything.

Hello, dear @Jimmy_Ka
This is a worry that I have, in my country (Venezuela), without the quarantine we already had pretty big problems with the government and money… This situation has only made it worse, people are hungry and that could cause some not so pretty things.
I pray to God to bless us and let us get through this…
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

That was really saddening. I hope that his pandemic will be over and that every nation will rise up again with a renewed faith in God who will save us all from this.

This is so sad :pensive: Every day, I see my father struggle financially just so he can feed our entire family. It honestly pains me. He works twice as hard now despite the pandemic. I pray that this pandemic will end soon. :frowning: Keep safe guys! God bless you all!

This is the reality it so sad our government is not ready in this situation all we need to do is pray to God to stop this crisis now. let us unite in prayers. and pray for our government to have wisdom how to handle this situation. Oh God I pray to you that help those people and give their needs food ,shelter and give them peace of mind.